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Both families i.e. of HAPPARAM JAT & SHRI CHOKHRAJJI had friendly relations between them. Happaram was connected with a group of dacoits and used to dispose off their loot through the trading channel of Shri Chokharajji.

The place of worship of Happaram Jat and his group was this small hillock which according to the ancient reports was at a height and was quite picturous. Happaram was a devotee of Ma Durga and used to worship her and perform her pooja before embarking upon his dacoities Before proceeding, Happaram used to light a Lamp in devotion of the faith he had in Ma Durga. This lamp, according to the villagers, used to remain lighted till Happaram returned from his adventures. This godly lamp used to spread its light covering a vast area all round. With the guidance of this light Happaram could find his way back towards his place of abode safely and easily.

At the foot of the hillock there was a deep cave which Happaram used whenever he felt unsafe or whenever he needed a safe place to hide. During his sojourn in this cave he used to continuously perform pooja & prayer in the workship of the deity, Ma Durga. It was solely for this reason that Ma Durga was very happy with Happaram.

The Great Late Shri Chokharajji had full knowledge of the various activities of Happaram Jat and many times used to go with him to worship Ma Durga.

Once Happaram while returning from his dacoities adventures, was challenged by a group of another dacoits consisting of moghuls. Happaram ran for his life followed by this gang of dacoits. On this run Happaram reached SIDHMUKH (HARYANA) and started workshipping in the temple of Ma Durga at that place. The group of moghul dacoits following Happaram Jat lost their way due to powers of Ma Durga and one or two persons (dacoits of the gang of moghuls) who could reach the place became blind due to powers of Ma Durga.

Thereafter Happaram remained at that place and devoted his whole time in the worship of Ma Durga. At last Ma Durga gave Darshan to Happaram with a promise to give him Darshan at the cave on the foot of hillick at KOYALA PATAN. Happaram became very happy and returned to his native area i.e. Koyala Patan. When he entered the cave, to his astonishment he noticed that the hillick which was the abode of Ma Durga which was hitherto red stone , had become white and the entire area was simmering as if lighted. This white stone can be seen even now while the remaining part of the hill is full of red stone.

Both Happaram and Shri Chokharajji alongwith citizens of the village Koyala Patan worshiped the deity i.e. Ma Durga. The Glory of Ma Durga started spreading all round. Since the red stone turned into white due to powers of Ma Durga she became famous by the name of Ma Durga of Dholagarh.

With the blessing of Ma Durga, Happaram again started his old dacoity work. After a lapse of some years the same moghul gang of dacoits reached Koyala Patan searching for Happaram. Some rebel citizens of the area gave the address of Happaram's residence to the moghul gang of dacoits. This moghul gang thereafter, fraudulently killed Happaram's only son. By chance Happaram also arrived at that time. Angered by the fraudulent killing of his only son he faught valiantly with the moghul gang of dacoits and killed practically all their members. Thereafter, Happaram kept his son's body on his lap and left for heavenly abode. Before that he advised his close friend Shri Chokharajji to leave the city of Koyala Patan and due to his curse, (`Shrap') the entire area became barren. (Even today while digging, persons come across house-hold utensils and remains of old habitation).

The families of both Happaram Jat and Shri Chokharajji continue to worship the presiding deity of the area since then. The area covered by the old city of Koyala Patan, which turned barren due to the curse, is un-inhabitable even today.

Whoever worships the Godess Durga by heart succeeds in his work career and number of such incidents can be found all around . The old cave at the foot of the hillock continued to exist for quite some time. Due to development being carried out by the followers of Goddess Durga (Chokhani Family) a big Temple was later constructed at the site. A a Higher Secondary School is also being run by the Temple Trust.

The great grand late shree CHOKHRAJ JI was the head of the entire CHOKHANI Family and it was in the memory of the grandman that his decendents started using the surname of CHOKHANI. He had a brother named Shri Girdharilalji. The decendents of Shri Girdharilalji are also known by the surname of Chokhany ( `Y' instead of `I').

The decendents of the Great Shri Chokharajji came to be known as CHOKHANI and spread all over India.