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You can download the following applications / matter  :

   From Brahmaji To Chokhani    : Click here

        We have often heard of terms like” Agrawal’s” “Maheshwari’s” “Gotra’s” etc which  

        make little sense to people of the current generation. Some of the interested ones are

        handicapped by lack of ................... For details click the link above.

    The  value of time    : Click here

          Just remember that time waits for no one.

    Digital vs Film : Which is Better ?  : Click here

          How can you tell if you could invest  in a digital camera, or if a traditional model

          would work just as well ?

    A Powerpoint Presentation File  : Click here

          A lesson to be learnt for all mankinds. 

     CD- FAQ's : Download

          All you ever wanted to know about CD-R's

    File Transfer Protocol  : Download
    FTP is like a two-way street. Not only can you receive information, but, depending on

         your level of access to the  server, you can send any file you want

    Calender For Any Year  : Download
         If you want to have a look at the calendar for any particular year.

    Kaun Banega Crorepati  : Download
          Play  this mind boggling game of KBC and  enter  the  fantasy
world of  Amitabh


   CDWriting  : Download
  CD-R and CD-RW are the only real choices for small businesses and individuals

         who  want to write their own  CDs.

    MP4  : Download
     MPEG-4 is the latest mantra that digital gurus are swearing by and, like MP3, this

          technology also looks set to become the de facto standard in video compression by

          delivering high-quality video and audio with lesser disk  storage requirements.

    ABC of Earthquakes  : Download
        Know about the astonishing facts of the  earthquakes happening in the world

    Earthquake Glossary : Download
        To know more about the various terminologies related to earthquakes.

    Dear  God .....Our Prayers for the earthquake victims : Download
         Dedicated to the families and friends of thousands  who died in the earthquake of

         2001  in Gujarat..... a graphical  clipping.

   Web Servers & Statistics : Download
         To know more about the technical details of web servers click download

    Payment Gateways : Download
        A payment gateway facilitates e-commerce payments by authenticating the parties

        involved, routing payment related data between these parties and the concerned

        banks/financial institution in a highly secure environment  and providing general

        support to them.....

    Budget Glossary : Download

         On several occasions, many of us are taken for a ride by the politicians by talking

         some  "hi-fi" things, which in  reality does not mean anything special.

         We at have tried to explain some such terms in a language which a

         common individual can easily understand.

         A budget is a detailed plan of operations for some specific future period. It is an

         estimate prepared in advance of the period to which it applies. It acts as a business

         barometer as  it is complete programme of activities of the business for the period



    Director Flash : Download
Director and flash, both, are tools used by web designers for incorporating high-end

         graphics on web pages and sites.Despite sharing a manufacturer, Flash and Director

         have developed unique audiences, often working in  separate--even opposing--

         camps.  We think that's a real shame, especially because some Flash developers

         might be  better  off working with Director, and vice versa.

    Time Calculator : Download
         The time calculator will help you to find out the current time of various important

         places in the world.

    Cyber Sky : Download
CyberSky is an exciting, entertaining, and educational astronomy program that

         transforms your personal  computer into your personal planetarium. CyberSky

         provides an excellent way to learn about astronomy and to  explore the wonders of

         the sky visible in the distant past, the present, and the far-off future.

    Voice over IP : Download
         This contains information about the  tremendous advantage of using Voice over IP.

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