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With the power of the Internet, it is no more a limitation to share good news like births, anniversaries, exam successes, achievements etc. to the limited circle personally in touch

only through telephones and sometimes through post. Word of mouth publicity is also has

its own limitation.

The FLASH NEWS  feature on the site allows you to send such messages to the entire world at virtually a click of the button.


1)  Get Together


Annual Diwali get-together will be held on 28th October, 2011 at 9 A.M.

Venue will be "Goregaon Sports Club, Banquet Hall".

All are co-ordially invited with their whole family.


With Compliments from :

Dr. Ramkishore, Shri Kashiprasad, Shri Krishan Kumar, Shri Vishnu Kumar and the entire Chokhani family


2)  Demise of MRS. UMA D. AJITSARIA

Mrs.Uma D.Ajitsaria, w/o. Shri.Deokinandan Ajitsaria has passed away on the night of Tuesday, 05/08/08. She is survived by Shri.Shriram C.Chokhani (father), Shri.Sudarshan S.Chokhani (brother), and children Dipti, Priti and Anirudh.

3) " The Shower continues !!! "




Aarti Chokhani, daughter of
Smt.Renu & Shri.Sudarshan Chokhani has secured 72.4% marks in Xth Standard
examination conducted by the Council for the Indian School
Certificate Examinations (ICSE), New Delhi.


4) "In the season of exam results, one more shower !!!!.





Palak Chokhani daughter of
Subodhkumar Prahladrai Chokhani has secured 70% in
T Y Bcom & she is proud to be a part of CHOKHANI Tree"


5)  Hearty Congratulations :




Mr. Anuj Arun Chokhani (Malad), son of Mr. Arun Prahladrai Chokhani
has made the CHOKHANI COMMUNITY proud by securing 
83% aggregate and 93% in PCM in HSC Exams.


6)  Soumil Chokhani ...... the winner wins again.......

  Soumil Chokhani is a winner again.

He has been awarded 1st Prize and an District Association Certificate by




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