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Archives are usually meant to contain information about the past events and happenings essentially for use as reference material. Since this site is in its infancy, such content material is not readily available. We look forward to the users of this site to provide us suitable inputs at the earliest.

Meanwhile, all listings under the pages of current events, flash news and broadcast items will periodically find a place on this page from time to time. Normally, the contents on this page should remain here almost perpetually, unless so required by other constraints of size, storage and retrieval speed.


1) Yet Another First:

Dipak, son of Dindayal & Santosh Chokhani from Bombay becomes yet another member to do the community proud.

He becomes the first Chokhani to become a C.P.A. (Certified Public Accountant). from U.S.A.

He is already a Chartered Accountant from India and possesses several other creditable qualifications.

(09 August 2002)

2) Hearty Congratulations : (28th June 2002)


Nita Singhal (Chokhani) daughter of    Shri Girdharilal and Vimala Chokhani from Andheri, Bombay gave birth to a bubbling baby boy on 28th June in Connecticut. U.S.A

3)  An Elder Passes away:


With profound grief, we wish to inform everyone about sad demise of Shri Raghunathji Chokhani

from Malad in Bombay.


He was survived by one son and three daughters. His wife had expired last year.

Shri Raghunathji, who has been ailing for some time, left for his heavenly abode in the early hours

of 2nd April 2002. The final rituals were ceremoniously completed on 14th April 2002 with his only

son, Shri Bhagwatiprasad succeeding him.

Shri Raghunathji was an acknowledged philanthropist and was, among others, actively involved in

the management and development of the family temple at Kulod in Rajasthan. He was also one of

the trustees of the trust. Besides this, he was also a well respected as a mature individual not only

by members of the Chokhani community, but by others as well. 

4)  The family grows:

Sameer Chokhani, (son of Satyanarayan & Vimala Chokhani) from Nashik, becomes the proud father

of a baby Boy.

Born early morning on 26th March 2002,

The baby and the mother, Mona, are doing fine and are in good health.


While individual intimations can be sent in the normal course, you may also send congratulatory messages from this site by using the contact/feedback utility or from the greetings page.

5)  Achievement  by Shri B R Chokhani....... in his LIC Profession

Shri B.R. Chokhani has completed 29 years since 1972 in his LIC Profession. 
Since 17 years he is holding the Chairman's Club Membership in LIC. since 1984
This is the Highest Rank Club of LIC Agents.

Now after holding continuously such a Post, He is currently awarded with
                        " LIFE TIME CHAIRMAN CLUB MEMBERSHIP" 
since 1999-2000
His devotion to the profession is still very high in Terms of Faithfulness and Service.


6)  Soumil Chokhani......another winner :  
He is also a winner. After Harshvardhan, now it is the turn of Soumil Chokhani.


The younger son of Arun & Saroj Chokhani of Andheri, Mumbai does the parents and the

community proud. 

He has won the B R Kurup trophy for the "Nature Club Camp" organised by his school.


7)  Happy Anniversary :                              2 December 2k

Dr. Sangeeta and Dr. Rajesh Chokhani  of Andheri,  Mumbai celebrates their happiness on

accomplishing  9 years of togetherness in their Matrimonial Life.

"On this joyful day we whole heartedly congratulate them and shower our blessings on them so as

to enjoy happiness for the years to come"

....From all of us at


8)  Happy Anniversary :                             29 November 2k        

Saroj and Arun Chokhani reaches yet another milestone in life today on completing

15 years of blissful  married life.

Many many happy returns of  the day to dear Mummy & Papa on  their Marriage Anniversary
....from Harshvardhan and Soumil Chokhani


9)  The family grows:

Congratulations !

Pradeep Chokhani, (son of Kashiprasad & Pushpa Chokhani) of Andheri, Bombay becomes the proud father of a baby girl.
Born early morning on 20th November 2k, the baby and the mother are doing fine and are in good health.
While individual intimations can be sent in the normal course, you may also send congratulatory messages from this site by using the contact/feedback utility or from the greetings page.

10)  He is a winner again:

Harshvardhan - means one who enhances joy and happiness.
This is exactly what he has done.   

Son of  Saroj & Arun Chokhani (daughter/son of Shri Satyanarayanji Poddar/Late Shri Babulalji

Chokhani) of Andheri, Bombay, has been awarded the FIRST PRIZE for the Best Scout Patrol

during the recently concluded Camp organised by his school. (Group prize)   

His group was also awarded FIRST PRIZE for the best drama ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’

Harshvardhan, a student of Class IX has already got many other achievements to his credit.

and to all  his group members from all of us at The whole family and the community

will be proud of you.

Keep up the good work. We look forward to many more of such achievements from you.

11)  28th October 2k : Get Together

A Get-together of all Chokhani family members has been arranged at Monica Hall at Malad in Mumbai on  Saturday the 28th Oct’2K between 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.
This get-together  will provide a platform for all the members to exchange greetings and festival wishes in a very convenient manner.  This will also enable all the members to save time in travelling and commuting and utilise the same for fulfilling other social commitments.

This programme has been initiated under the guidance of Shri  Subhkaranji Chokhani  by

1)   Dr. Ramkishore Chokhani (S/o late Shri Babulalji)

2)    Shri Kashiprasad Chokhani (S/o late Shri Babulalji)

3)    Shri Krishan Kumar Chokhani ( S/o Late Shri Prahladraiji)

     First came  the  website,

     Now this  get together. 

     Great going. All the best and let us keep the tempo alive.

             Further updates under compilation