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In Memorium :

This site is dedicated to the memory of Late Shri Babulalji (1911- 1986) son of Late Shri Dwarkadasji Chokhani, Originally of Lachhmangarh (Sikar) Rajasthan and Late Smt. Gomatidevi Chokhani (1922 – 1998).

The evolution of Chokhanis :
Although there is no historical proof of the timing, according to the villagers staying in the nearby area about one thousand and odd years ago in the village called KULOD (about 10 km from the District town of JHUNJHUNU in the sate of Rajasthan), MATESHWARI DURGA appeared on the foot of a small hillock. Near this area there used to be a well developed township called "KOYALA PATAN". In this town the main population was that of "MAHLA JATS", a tribe, famous for its warriors and vallour. One Jat named HAPPARAM used to stay in this village. One Vaishya family headed by the Great Shri Chokhrajji also used to stay in the vicinity.

(To read more about the evolution of Chokhanis ) ...... Click Here

About Us :

Chokhanis have always been at the forefront in all fields and will always remain there because of their long lasting commitment towards quality and hard work.

This first of its kind effort initiated by the collective efforts of the Five Sons of Late Shri Babulalji Chokhani who was always a source of inspiration to one and all, especially in the field of technological familiarisation and constant upgradation. He himself was well educated to the standards of his time and parented his children to become top grade Professionals in different fields.

Today these five individuals are like the five fingers of the hand. Each one of them having its respective utility. At the same time, all put together, very quickly becomes the “hand”. The helping hand. The serving hand. The most widely balanced combination of Chokhani’s in the community.

The beginning has been made and there should not be any doubt that all Members of the Community will make this a resounding success. 

Summary of the Features on the site:

Family Tree
The award winning compilation containing information spanning eighteen generations of the community, the.Chokhani Vanshavali, also the highlight feature of this site, is a standing example the usefulness of a vast pool of information available in ready to use form. We have now provided the world's first online version of the family tree for your use. Simply click the link given elsewhere on the page
to activate this feature. You can also update the available information and add information where it is not available.

Efforts are already under way to expand the coverage and update old information, as also to make the search engines more efficient and user friendly, For this purpose, postal communications are being sent to all members for providing information updates.
We request all concerned to respond quickly and earnestly.

Family Temple
Comprehensive coverage is being given to the Community Temple of Durga Mata, at Kuloday in Rajasthan. So also to the Higher Secondary School being run by the temple trust. 
Permissions and content material are on the way from the temple authorities and coverage will be updated shortly

The Punchang is intended to obliviate confusions regarding auspicious occasions arising out of the proliferation of various publications with scant regard to authenticity. 
Ma Durga Willing, very soon, you can get an e-mail intimation of the forthcoming occasions at duration alarms as desired by each member.

Photo Gallery
The Photo Gallery is open for all to share pictures with the other members of the Community. If you have any picture on any subject, which you want to show to others, simply sent it to us. Through Post, Courier, e-mail or simply put it up on the site yourself.

The Festival page contains information about the concept, ideology, methodology, puja procedure as well as permissible “short cuts” and “escape routes” for people either in a hurry or bogged down due to indisposition. 
This page will be especially useful to those generations for whom the dot.com language is more user friendly than the mother tongue.

Travel Spots
Similarly, the Travel Spots page will keep you abreast with the various places of interest, (not necessarily religious) complete with travel guide and stay arrangements. 
See the difference for yourself. The difference between the cumbersome hassle of ignorance and high power, technology of dot com. Rather, Chokhani.net.

Current Events
The current events page will make available information about all the happenings in the community. Irrespective of where it happens. 
Sometimes we send messages, greetings, invitations, etc. to persons who have shifted, married, died, etc. or the communication simply gets lost in transit. Quite often we hesitate or even put off for later, various types of communications because we are not sure of the current status of the intended recipient 
With chokhani.net, such occasions will be a thing of past.

Business Exchange
Isn’t it strange, nay, ridiculous, that one scouts for vendors of various products and services and ends up placing an order with a Non-Chokhani, just because he does not know that a Chokhani can also provide the same thing. 
So much of business profit down the drain. Outside the community. Only because of lack of information. The Business exchange intends to bridge this gap.

Counseling is available on virtually every topic of relevance to a normal family. Such assistance is available in a secure and private environment. The panel of experts comprise of people from all walks of life, renowned for their competence and integrity.

Site Update
A news letter will keep all members informed about all developments in the community as well as important news-items from a cross-section of newspapers around the ward. Interesting and useful articles from various publications will also be delivered automatically to the mail boxes of all subscribers. 
No need to depend on gossip mongers or the neighbour hood “all india radio” for news.

Games & Quiz
The youngsters also should not be disappointed. There are games and quiz for them. Like they have never seen before. In formats which educate as well as tiltillate.
Do we see here signs of cracks in the monopoly of KBC?

Thought for the day
We have a vast Collection of "thoughts". A new one of which will be displayed everyday on the home page. The collection has been specially chosen keeping in view the liking of different levels of generation who would be viewing the site.

You can send greetings on any occasion to anyone. The sender can be either the website or it can be you with your own exclusive address. Arrangements are also being made for providing enhanced stationary, media cards and so on. 
Standard phrases for several greetings are in-built. There is also a provision for customising of the text on the greetings.

With the power of the Internet, it is no more a limitation to share good news like births, anniversaries, exam successes, achievements etc. to the limited circle personally in touch only through telephones and sometimes through post. Word of mouth publicity is also has its own limitation.
The Broadcast feature on the site allows you to send such messages to the entire world at virtually a click of the button.

Few links have already been provided to other web-sites which may be of interest to the members of the community. A Short description of the contents in those sights is also provided. Based on your feed back a list such links will be constantly revised.

It is intended to provide good quality religious Audio very shortly. This has however been with held for the time being due to on going controversy regarding legality of MP3 format of sound, storage and transfer. 
The new legislation on limitation of exclusive rights and personal interactive performances intended to be introduced in the United States Code as well as the intended introduction of the Music Owners Listening Rights Act of 2000, will decide whether we are able to provide this facility or not.

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